PaVon Swedish Vallhunds
Madison, WI ~ Contact: Yvonne Slusser @ 608.843.9950
Pup with boneAnimal behaviorists agree that the period between 8 and 16 weeks is critical in the development of a well adjusted pup that will become a welcome member of your family. During that period your pup should be exposed to as many safe, positive new experiences, people and environments, as possible to establish a self-confident pup.

We at PaVon kennel believe that socialization truly starts at birth.
Pups are handled from birth on a daily basis as recommended by Pat Hastings in her book, "The Puppy Puzzle". We raise pups in family living areas among other pets and family members, so they are well used to the every day sights, sounds and smells of a family environment. Vacuums, washer/dryers, television and loud audio equipment, are all part of the pups every day life.

About the time the pups are being weaned, we get them used to crates, leaving home and going for rides (crated). We also start getting pups used to collars and leashes. In essence, we take up where the pup's dam leaves off. Once pups are mobile (3-4 weeks), we get them out with other family members, including our other dogs and cats and any available grandchildren. Simple commands such as "sit", "down", "come", "leave-it" and "settle" are also learned at this time. Vall pups are amazingly intelligent and intuitive - even at such a young age!

We welcome and encourage potential owners or people interested in the breed (where logistically possible) to come into our home and visit pups to observe the pups as they grow and become unique individuals. Each pup is clearly different - not only in size, color and tail type, but personality as well.

At about 8 weeks of age, we take pups for their CERF baseline eye exam by an ACVO (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists) certified eye specialist and for puppy evaluations to reinforce decisions regarding proper placement for each pup.  We place pups in homes based on their individual temperament (personality), genetic health and structure - AND the personality, environment and lifestyle of the prospective owner.

Continued support and mentorship is provided for new owners to "bring up" a Vall that is a pleasure to live with, "a life enhancing experience".